It’s simple. If you’re working on marketing communications and a strategic plan, you’re in the right place.


​Schedule a consultation to work 1:1 with Coach Corey

Complimentary Jam Session

Interested in working with Coach Corey? This is the best place to start.

Must complete pre-session Google doc form.


  • 30-min zoom
  • Get introductory questions answered
  • Determine which service(s) are best for you
  • Receive next steps to kick-off your branding journey with Coach Corey.


Industry Dive Jam Session

1:1 chat with Coach Corey, a media psychologist with nearly 20 years of business marketing expertise across multiple industries. 


  • 60-min zoom
  • Define your marketing needs 
  • Transform your goals and mission into a working marketing plan/campaign
  • Clarify your brand story to communicate to stakeholders
  • Determine your action steps towards executing a successful marketing plan/campaign 
  • Includes a formal write-up (1-2 paragraphs) of your brand story that can be shared with other stakeholders 


The Ultimate Jam

Take a deep dive into your marketing plan with Coach Corey.

The difference between this session and the ‘Industry Dive’ is the thorough assessment and level of tailored guidance you will receive regarding your brand.


  • 90-min zoom
  • 1:1 (or up to 4 team members) collaborate to discuss the notes/feedback
  • Coach Corey assesses all of your current marketing assets and provides detailed (1-3 pages) feedback to improve/enhance your brand (delivered two (2) days before Jam
  • Turnaround time: Must schedule Jam one-month from purchase date.


Train You/Your Assistant/Intern Self-Guided Jam

Coach Corey’s DIY (Do-It-Yourself) recorded modules session covering workflow essentials and “how-to’s” to accomplish ongoing creative content production.


  • Recorded modules that you and your team members can watch and pause as many times as needed to build confidence and expertise around your creative workflow and production
  • Includes:
    • Posting to Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook 
    • Using video enhancements (e.g. effects, captions, etc.)
    • How to Leverage Tweets (Twitter) for Reels
    • How to use Canva (simple graphic design tool)
    • How to schedule posts in-app & using the Later app
    • Drop-box and Google Drive work-flow basic essentials
    • Dos’ and Don’ts of camera lighting and angles



Build your copywriting skills with constructive feedback from Coach Corey.

Bio Crafting

Turnaround Time: 2 Weeks
Coach Corey will provide feedback to ensure your bio entices entices readers.


  • Feedback on current bio
  • Improving your current bio via punctuation, grammar and overall flow 
  • Writing your one-sentence tagline for social media channel-

About Us/Our Mission

Turnaround Time: 2 Weeks
File Requirement: Microsoft Word or Google doc

Get feedback on your About Us/Our Mission pages. This is a critical need for every website. Let’s see how compelling it reads and if it makes your audience lean in.


  • 30-min call or zoom to discuss challenges and opportunities to your About Us/Our Mission pages and/or ask add’l questions
  • *Option to have About Us/Our Mission reimagined and revised for discounted price of $125.00 (a package total of $300.00, if selected)

Website Analysis + Feedback

Turnaround Time: 2 Weeks
File Requirement: .pdf

Coach Corey will analyze each page on your website and provide feedback notes for future revisions/enhancements.


  • Detailed notes/feedback (1-2 pages)
  • 30-min call or zoom to gain clarity or ask add’l questions, if applicable


Prepare to shoot your shot to Hollywood Executives and sell your screenplay.

Pitch Deck Materials

Turnaround Time: 2 Weeks

File delivery: pdf

Coach Corey will develop a pitch deck ranging from 10-20 pages (depending on coverage required).


  • A beautiful pitch deck detailing you, your brand/your business
  • 30-min call or zoom to gain clarity, ask add’l questions or make requests for add’l assets
  • One revision 
  • A shareable pdf. file for stakeholders

$500.00 - $1200.00

Elevator Pitch Jam Session

1:1 work with a Coach Corey to practice, prepare, and perfect your elevator pitch.


  • 60-min Jam
  • Feedback on your Oral Pitch
  • Work the beats of your pitch to elevate it to the next level
  • Confidence coaching (what are the mental blocks, if any)
  • Notes on your Pitch Deck (if applicable)